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What treats are available?

Reflexology dates back to ancient Egyptian times, the first images of doctors using reflexology go back to pre-biblical time. Images have been found in the tomb of a doctor in Egypt from the period 2300 BC. This treatment was perfected and used in India and China and acknowledged by European medical practitioners in the late 19th Century.

Nerves in your feet are connected to your brain

Reflexology is a foot massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, the treatment is based on the theory that nerve points in the foot are linked to nerve points in the head. This enables complete treatment for tension and many other illness.

Brain stimulation

The reflexology massage specialist is aware of various point in your feet that stimulate your brain when pressure is applied to a specific point.

Relief from pain

Reflexology massage can help treat, back pain, neck pain, and help with weight loss, it’s even been known to help induce labour in a pregnant person. The treatment can also help people suffering from constipation and migraines.

Reflexology is used world wide

Today this massage treatment is available in most countries in the world and the fact that this service is commonly available is a testimony to its success.

What is more important is that it’s available here in Perth, please contact our clinic in South Lake WA

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Reflexology and acupuncture

Young woman getting acupuncture treatment


At Narture we use Reflexology in conjunction with acupuncture to treat many health issues. Both these treatment treat the whole problem and giving relief from many health related issue.

We are near

Reflexology and acupuncture treatment is available locally near Fremantle White Gum Valley, Coogee, Coolbellup, Hammond Park, Henderson, Jandakot, Leeming, Munster, North Coogee, North Lake, South Lake, Success, Wattleup, Yangebup Fremantle, South Fremantle, East Fremantle, Beaconsfield, Atwell, Aubin Grove, Banjup, Beeliar, Bibra Lake, Cockburn Central, and Hamilton Hill.


Call 0467 342 223 for an appointment or Email

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