We have been in Spearwood for several years, our experience in acupuncture techniques is extensive. We have hundreds of happy clients who now enjoy our services on a regular basis.

Acupuncture is an ancient health care technique used in China for over 2000 years, in other words it goes back to the time before Christ. This ancient health care system is available to you here in Spearwood, Western Australia.

Our clinic is conveniently located and enjoys easy access from nearby suburbs like North Coogee, Hamilton Hill, Coolbellup, Coogee, Spearwood, Bibra Lake, Coogee, Munster and Yangebup, we have free parking just outside our clinic.

The theoretical idea behind acupuncture is that energy flows in a pattern (Qi) through our body, and continued maintenance of these patterns is essential for our health. If our flow of energy is not normal then a person can become exposed to disease and ill health.

Acupuncture specialist will try and correct this condition by identifying special points just under the skin and this can lead to the reinstating of normal flow patterns (Qi).

Our Spearwood acupuncture health care professional is experienced in treating Nausea caused by operations, dental pain, stress, pain and many other medical conditions.

It is believed that acupuncture treatment stimulates the release of good hormones, this is believed to stabilise moods, many people in the areas surrounding Spearwood have turned to acupuncture care at our clinic, many people prefer acupuncture as a remedy rather than taking drugs which can sometimes have side effects and may only supress the real condition, a natural way may be a better way, always consult with your regular GP before undertaking any alternative health care solution.

People over the ages have used many medical treatments to resolve their health issues, people rarely continue to use a service if there are no beneficial results, and acupuncture survives as a popular health care option today. People over the centuries have enjoyed its benefits and as such go back to a acupuncture professional to restore their health and well being .

We recommend that you take advice from your medical health professional like your GP before undertaking any acupuncture treatment. For more information check out www.narture.com.au

Email sue@narture.com.au

Acupuncture natural medicine clinic

Address: u6/83 Mell Rd, Spearwood WA 6163

Phone: 0467 342 223

We are located in Spearwood Western Australia and are near the following suburbs, North Coogee, Hamilton Hill, Coolbellup, Coogee, Spearwood, Bibra Lake, Coogee, Munster and Yangebup.

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