Acupressure Points for labor and birth


Acupressure is the application of external force on certain pressure points of the body. It can be done either by using fingers, or sometimes even by using feet, knees, elbows, and legs.

Acupressure & pregnancy

Acupressure has a ton of benefits right from releasing energy blockages, encouraging the baby to take an appropriate position for delivery, bring relief from pain, maintain proper hormonal levels, and so on. Since acupressure releases energy, it ends up affecting the hormones and increases blood circulation, which makes it quite beneficial in the first 3 months of the pregnancy and the final month.

Does Acupressure labor really work?

Studies revolving around acupressure to start labor are not as widespread as others. However, the ones that exist seem to hint towards a positive answer. At times, using acupressure techniques could cut down the duration of labor leading to speedy delivery. The pressure points used in the procedure assist the baby in moving down the birth canal which triggers the labor and assists in easy delivery as well.

When is it safe to use Acupressure for inducing labor?

For pregnant women, the acupressure spots must be triggered only if you are past your due date and yet there are no signs of a delivery taking place, your labor has been induced but muscles lack the strength for contractions and active labor is yet to begin and the amniotic sac has broken already.

Tips that provide comfort with Acupressure labor

  • Try out a few breathing exercises to calm down the body before beginning the process.
  • Acupressure massage to induce laborcan be conducted in any order of the points.
  • Bladder 28 & 48, stomach 29 and kidney 3 points are quite successful in reducing any pain during labor.
  • Spleen 6, large intestine 4 and gallbladder 21 are the points that help the body get ready for delivery.
  • Having your feet rubbed as you deliver the baby can bring your immense relief.
  • Using the acupressure points while delivery is ongoing can help reduce the pain quite a bit.

The effects of acupressure vary from person to person. Pregnant women can experience the onset of labor within an hour of applying pressure or even take as long as the next day. By making use of acupressure points for labor pain and delivery, you can ensure that the process is smooth and comfortable for you and look forward to taking care of your newborn child.

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