Sound Healing 

Sound healing treatment utilizes sound elements to enhance your wellness and well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Various kinds of sound therapy exist, including vibrational sound therapy, which utilizes unique tones that generate vibrations that are believed to enhance brain waves.

It is thought that healing with noise dates back to ancient Greece when music was used to heal mental disorders. Music has been used in the military throughout history to increase confidence, assist individuals to function quicker and more productively, and even ward off stress by singing. Recently, the study has connected songs to a variety of wellness advantages, from boosting immune function and reducing amounts of stress to enhancing wellness.

Vibroacoustic therapy

It is thought that vibration affects the functions of your body, such as blood pressure and respiration. To enhance wellness and decrease stress, the vibroacoustic treatment utilizes visible noise waves. To convey sounds and noise signals straight to the brain, this sort of sound therapy includes the use of amplifiers embedded in recliners, mattresses and unique pads.

Neurologic music therapy

Music therapy can decrease stress and facilitate pleasure. It has been shown to be more efficient in decreasing rates of anxiety before surgery than prescription drugs. A research released in 2017 discovered that coupled with traditional treatment after spinal surgery, a 30-minute music therapy session decreased pain.

Brainwave entrainment

This technique, also recognized as binaural beats, stimulates the brain to a particular state using vibrating noise to encourage your brain waves to correspond with the beat frequency. It should assist in increased attention span, entranced concentration and relaxation.