Acupuncture clinic in Bibra lake clear your channels

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Nurturing our life force

Is a body like a river? It certainly is and it is full of channels big and small that carry our bodily fluid to our many organs, the water we drink the food we eat travels through the body nurturing our life force, all things change on a daily basis in our body. The water in our body today is different to yesterday, the juice we drink today is not the same as yesterday. Liquid intake is a main life fore ingredient, If we put bad liquids into our system like alcohol then that will have a negative impact on your health.

Clean Water

Good liquids are like clean water, lots of this is always good for our river system It is important to have good liquids in your body. Sometimes we eat meat, sometimes vegetables and sometimes fruit. Buy fresh, raw is good. Bad food are foods that are fatty, fried and processed. These are not good for us as they clog up our rivers with debris like fat and can cause many illnesses.

Air we breath

The air we breathe is important, smoke and fumes make us sick. Common sources of bad air is smoke from such materials as coal, cigarette smoke and car fumes. If you want to improve your health you must understand that the rivers that flow through your body have to be kept clean, we can achieve this by making sure that the liquids, food and air we breathe are good for our body. How can we help? We can get an indication as to your health by looking at your tongue, your skin, your eyes and feeling your pulse, all these are indicators of your health.

Visit a Holistic Health care professional

The state of your inner rivers can be detected by our holistic health care professional. Acupuncture helps to improve your bodily functions by stimulating anatomic sites, these acupuncture points as they are commonly called when stimulated help to bring the body back to balance. In simple terms sometimes debris collect round bends in rivers, if this debris is not cleared then slowly the river will get clogged and even become stagnant.

If the debris is cleared then the river flows smoothly. Massage also helps by clearing tension from our body and by improving our blood flow therefore nourishing the body and bringing about the healing process.

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Acupuncture clinic in Bibra lake clear your channels

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