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Narture is located Spearwood offer the following services:


Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practices for thousands of years. Acupuncture can be used for serious medical conditions and it can also be used to help relax a person and it can help maintain good health.


Naturopath is a holistic approach to wellness and the body, mind and spirit are treated and not just the symptoms that present themselves.

Herbal Medicine

We maintain a stock of herbal medicines, deficiency in mineral is a well-known cause of sickness. We discuss and established the symptoms you are suffering from and find a healthy balance for your body. Herbal medicines will help replenish wellbeing in your body.


Iridology is based on the study of your Eyes. From this examination it is possible to determine what you may be suffering from. After such a diagnosis the path to finding a cure can then be taken.


Massage is an ancient form of healing the body mind and soul, massage can help improve your circulation, lymphatic drainage, massage relieves cramps and knotted muscles. It also helps relax your nerves.


Reiki aims to help the quality of your life. It treats the whole person including the body, emotions the mind and spirit. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of energetic healing and self-improvement.

Here are some useful places in the Spearwood and surrounds. Always consult your GP if you have any health issues or before undertaking any of the natural therapies mentioned above.

Bibra Lake Medical Centre

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Port Coogee Family Practice
6 Calypso Parade, North Coogee WA 6163

Hamilton Hill Medical Centre

Providing High Quality, Affordable Medical Care.
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Allergy Season – Narture is here to help you

Narture is an Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine clinic is in Spearwood, WA

Address: u6/83 Mell Rd, Spearwood WA 6163

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The beautiful wild flower season is here in Perth along with the spring flowers the pollen count goes up and for some people this leads to a lot of discomfort.

Symptoms can be runny noses, itchy eyes, and nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, sleeplessness, facial and sinus pain and a sore throat. A feeling of tiredness can also be a feature of this condition.

What are the natural option open to you?

Acupuncture can help, this ancient Chinese treatment address the whole and not just the part.


This Chinese medical treatment dating back thousands of years is available right here in Spearwood, Western Australia. Needles are inserted under the skin at points where it is considered energy lines run. This treatment helps with a variety of ailments from physical as well as mental conditions.

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies turn to antihistamines to find relief from the symptoms of hay fever. This is often the first port of call. Some use steroid nose sprays, repeated use of these sprays could lead to dependency. There are warnings enclosed in most allergy medication, however the print is small and we recommend you read the small print before taking any medication.

For some people these remedies do not always give relief. Acupuncture offers an alternative treatment. Needles are inserted under the skin at specific points in a person’s body and this treatment can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of Hay fever.

There are alternatives in Nature and Narture can help you find an individual solution for you. If you are not sure of what to do then please visit our clinic in Spearwood and have a confidential discussion on a way forward.

An initial consultation usually takes about an hour and a half. Similar to other complementary modalities, a detailed medical, diet, social and environmental history is obtained from the client.  The patients presenting complaint or symptoms are important as they are the first problems to be addressed along with the underlying cause of the problems.  As with all holistic health care the person is treated rather than the disease.

Herbal Medicine

It is believed vitamin C can help relieve some of the symptoms of this season ailment. It is also believed that honey can help reduce the problems associated with Hay fever.

Some sufferers have found that parsley can be helpful, adding honey and chamomile tea can help make the drink more palatable.

There are a variety of solution we will be happy to discuss these with you and find a way forward that will help reduce the impact of hay fever.

If you live in O Connor, North Coogee, Hamilton hill, Bibra Lake, Coogee, Munster, Yangebup, Fremantle, South Fremantle and East Fremantle our Spearwood clinic is easy to reach, there is free parking at our the clinic.

Welcome to Narture we are here to help make your life easier.

Address: u6/83 Mell Rd, Spearwood WA 6163

Phone: 0467 342 223









Acupuncture clinic in Spearwood, WA

We have been in Spearwood for several years, our experience in acupuncture techniques is extensive. We have hundreds of happy clients who now enjoy our services on a regular basis.

Acupuncture is an ancient health care technique used in China for over 2000 years, in other words it goes back to the time before Christ. This ancient health care system is available to you here in Spearwood, Western Australia.

Our clinic is conveniently located and enjoys easy access from nearby suburbs like North Coogee, Hamilton Hill, Coolbellup, Coogee, Spearwood, Bibra Lake, Coogee, Munster and Yangebup, we have free parking just outside our clinic.

The theoretical idea behind acupuncture is that energy flows in a pattern (Qi) through our body, and continued maintenance of these patterns is essential for our health. If our flow of energy is not normal then a person can become exposed to disease and ill health.

Acupuncture specialist will try and correct this condition by identifying special points just under the skin and this can lead to the reinstating of normal flow patterns (Qi).

Our Spearwood acupuncture health care professional is experienced in treating Nausea caused by operations, dental pain, stress, pain and many other medical conditions.

It is believed that acupuncture treatment stimulates the release of good hormones, this is believed to stabilise moods, many people in the areas surrounding Spearwood have turned to acupuncture care at our clinic, many people prefer acupuncture as a remedy rather than taking drugs which can sometimes have side effects and may only supress the real condition, a natural way may be a better way, always consult with your regular GP before undertaking any alternative health care solution.

People over the ages have used many medical treatments to resolve their health issues, people rarely continue to use a service if there are no beneficial results, and acupuncture survives as a popular health care option today. People over the centuries have enjoyed its benefits and as such go back to a acupuncture professional to restore their health and well being .

We recommend that you take advice from your medical health professional like your GP before undertaking any acupuncture treatment. For more information check out


Acupuncture natural medicine clinic

Address: u6/83 Mell Rd, Spearwood WA 6163

Phone: 0467 342 223


We are located in Spearwood Western Australia, and are near the following suburbs, North Coogee, Hamilton Hill, Coolbellup, Coogee, Spearwood, Bibra Lake, Coogee, Munster and Yangebup.



Acupuncture in Spearwood, Western Australia


Narture is located in Spearwood, within easy reach of suburbs like Coogee, Fremantle, South Fremantle, East Fremantle, Hilton, and Hamilton Hill. There is free parking just outside the clinic.

Why go for acupuncture treatment?

There are many reasons why people turn to acupuncture, it’s a treatment that goes back thousands of year. The important thing to make a note of is that people reject medical treatment that don’t work and keep using medical treatment that give results.

In Spearwood we have on offer this form of ancient healing that has made many millions of people discover a path way to help relieve pain and improve their general health.

Acupuncture is a way to heal your spirit, your physical body and especially your mind.

One Reason why people visit our Acupuncture specialist in Spearwood is to improve their chances of having a child. Fertility is a critical issue that can make it hard for people to have a normal family life. Our acupuncture treatment can help women who are receiving IVF treatment and improve their chances of success. This is done by reducing stress and anxiety and so improving the possibility of successful fertilisation.

Stress is also an important reason for visiting your acupuncture specialist. In the current economic climate, many people are absorbing the impact of the mining recession in Western Australia. The decisions are complex, children at school, partners job, the option of long term employment in Western Australia, paying the bills and hanging on to your life style to name just a few issue.

Stress can lead to anxiety and depression. That opens the door to a restless spirit that can then damage your motivation and your will to find positive solutions for your problems. Acupuncture addresses the harmony of you spirit and reintroduces balance into your life. This leads to a healing of the spirit and then anything is possible as self-esteem returns.

There are many physical conditions that can be improved by using an Acupuncture practitioner.

Here are a few of the common conditions:

Back pain is a common condition that can improve with the use of acupuncture. Back pain is a condition that has reached epidemic proportion in our modern society. It is a common condition that can destroy the quality of life for many people. Whether you work in a physically demanding job working at the port in Fremantle, in a Kwinana factory or in the many office based jobs in Perth, back pain is a common complaint that we all suffer from. Our Spearwood acupuncture specialist can help improve your condition.

Giving up smoking can be helped by acupuncture, often smoking and its impact on your health can cause anxiety and anxiety leads to stress and stress leads to increased smoking. This can then lead to depression. The impact on family and especially children can have a devastating impact on people’s mental condition as they fight the addiction. Acupuncture can help improve your stress level and therefore increases your ability to stop smoking for good.

Acupuncture is not a cure all and there is not just one treatment for all health related issues. Each condition has to be treated differently. What we can say is that this form of medical help has been around for thousands of years and survives today and is available to you at our Spearwood clinic.

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